Cassava Food Chain
Psaltry Outgrower /In-Grower Model

The core mandate of the Out grower and In-grower scheme is to ensure availability of raw materials year -in- year out for optimum production in the factory.

Therefore, Psaltry Outgrower and In-grower model is an excellent model that support farmers across three local government areas of Oyo State. The Outgrower model allow farmers to cultivate on their land with maximum support from Psaltry through capacity building, provision of inputs such as herbicides, fertilizer, stems, tractor service, stems and other inputs necessary for their production. While the In-grower farmers make use of Psaltry land with access to the same benefits like Outgrower farmers.

To achieve incomparable yield, the Semi- Autotrophic Hydroponics (SAH) lab of Psaltry Agric unit produces true-to type potent stems with high disease resistance under tissue culture techniques.

Psaltry Cassava Farmers at the Factory Gate for Supply
Capacity Building /Farmers Training

We train our farmers from time to time and keep them updated on new innovations evolving in the Agricultural sector from time to time through theory and practical demonstration using small group approaches in three different levels which are TOT training, lead farmers training, . stem down training across the clusters.

Training modules focus on Good Agronomic practices, Group dynamics, Record keeping, Seed multiplication and post-harvest management, entrepreneur and business management among many others

Farmers' Training
Farmers' Training
Farmers Training
Distribution of Inputs (Fertilizer)

Through technological innovation, we generate high quality cassava stems with improved varieties using tissue culture techniques in the Semi Autotrophic hydroponics Laboratory (SAH LAB). These stems are generated from cassava plantlets with improved varieties which are of better characteristics such as high yield d potential, disease resistance, early maturity, to meet factory annual requirements in terms of yield and starch content.

Picture of cassava plantlets from the SAH laboratory
SAH irrigation field
Demo Plot Establishment by Psaltry Farmers:

We engage our farmers on demonstration plots establishment to practice new innovations and speed up the rate of adoption of Good Agronomic practices in all their farm operations this makes them smart farmers of all time.

Pictures from demonstration plot establishment
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